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Nottingham is a vibrant city rich in history and is home to two universities: Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent. Our student accommodation in Nottingham city centre gives great access to both – Bard House, in particular, is optimum Nottingham Trent accommodation – it’s less than five minutes away! The nightlife is great no matter how you like to spend it, with everything from traditional pubs to high-end cocktail bars and student-only clubs.

Nottingham is home to a wide range of cultural attractions including comedy clubs, music venues, theatres, and galleries. It’s also famed as a shopping location with independent stores scattered across the city, as well as shopping centres full of high-street favourites – we’d recommend Intu Victoria! Head a bit further afield and you can explore the Peak District National Park and Sherwood Forest – you might even meet Robin Hood along the way!

Student Living in Nottingham

  • How easy is it get around Nottingham?

    Nottingham is a culturally diverse and vibrant city located in the East Midlands. It is just 2 hours away from London via train.

    Nottingham Express Transit provides a quick and easy way to get across the city. It travels as far as Hucknall and Clifton and had five stops in the city center.

    The cost of a Nottingham Express Transit ticket is £2.50 for a student. However, you can save more in the long run by buying a three-month season pass for £109.

    Stagecoach offers a bus ticket to students, with prices starting from £80.

    Nottingham is also great for exploring by foot or bike, whether that be getting to University or visiting Nottingham’s rural spots.

  • Which universities and colleges are based in Nottingham?

    Nottingham has two main Universities: University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. Another popular place of study is New College Nottingham.

    Each university has a Student Union, which offers a range of activities:

    University of Nottingham Student Union: A Cappella, Cake Society, Dance, Badminton, Boat Club and Caving.

    For all activities:

    Nottingham Trent University Student Union: Comics, Cartoons and Creatives, Debating, Drama, Drone Society, Burlesque, Canoeing, Cricket and Cheerleading.

    For all activities:

  • What is the student nightlife like in Nottingham?

    Nottingham is diverse when it comes to its nightlife; traditional pubs, secret bars, nightclubs and live music venues.
    With Nottingham being a student influenced city there are lots of places to enjoy, such as:

    – Ocean, one of the Nottingham’s renowned nightclubs, is a student only club.
    – Pryzm is also a popular club for students, due to each room having a different theme.
    – Coco Tang is an underground cocktail bar, which is full of character. This is popular for students on a Wednesday night, with half price cocktails on offer.

    Take a look at our comprehensive nightlife guides to the best bars and nightclubs in Nottingham.

  • Where are the best places to shop in Nottingham?

    Nottingham is diverse when it comes to shopping; from its popular store fronts to its secret side streets (it’s here that you will find the most unique places to shop).

    In 2017 the Nottingham Independent Shopping Trail was launched, which is an app to unravel the best hidden independent shops around Nottingham.

    However, if you want the iconic high street brands such as Primark, Zara and Urban Outfitters; you’ll find these at intu Victoria Centre.

  • What are the job opportunities for students in Nottingham?

    Unitemps at The University of Nottingham advertise a range of part time and temporary assignments, across a variety of areas such as marketing, hospitality, events and translation work.

    Carrying out an assignment as a student, whilst studying at the University allows you to gain accreditation for your part-time job through and Award.

    For more information:

    You can also find part time jobs at Intu Shopping centres; available jobs are posted on their website.

  • What else is there to do in Nottingham?

    Nottingham is the home of Robin Hood; a heroic outlaw from an English folktale. For a day out there is a ‘Robin Hood Tour’ where you can view Robin Hoods County.

    If you’re looking for an adventurous day out why not try Adrenalin Jungle? They offer a variety of outdoor activities such as paintball, quad biking, 4×4 off road, archery, assault courses, blindfold driving and many more.

    Nottingham is also renowned for its goose fair, which is one of the world’s oldest fairs. It dates back to more than 700 years ago and visitors can enjoy more than 500 attractions, including Roller Coasters, Water Rides, Giant Wheels, Bombers, Dodgems, Twists and Waltzers (no geese though!).

    A fun fact about Nottingham, it’s known for HP sauce (also known as brown sauce). HP sauce was invented by Frederick Gibson Garton, which he named after the Houses of Parliament when he heard they had begun serving it there.

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