How to book

The best way to reserve your accommodation is through our online booking system.

Our simple three step booking process is quick and easy as well as safe and secure.

Reserving your apartment online will guarantee your place with us next year instantaneously, ensuring you do not miss out! If you would like to request room preferences, please contact after you have made your booking.

> Register

The first step is the registration stage which will sign you up to MyFortis, only simple contact details are needed for this process.

If you do not complete your booking and return at a later date, to continue booking information just login to MyFortis at

> Book

The second step is to choose your booking preferences. Please fill this part in carefully, a complete breakdown of the amount to be paid, the amount due in the future and the due dates will be presented to you in full.

A complete copy of your contract will be presented before you continue.

If you complete this section but you do not make a deposit payment, your booking preferences will be saved for you on your MyFortis account. However, your room is not reserved at this point, until you pay your deposit.

> Pay

The final step is to pay your deposit via our safe and secure payment portal.

Once this is complete your booking is now reserved and your room number will be displayed in the bookings system.

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