How to book

The best way to reserve your accommodation is through our online booking system, MyFortis.

Our simple three step booking process is quick, safe and secure.

> Register

The first step is simple; register for an online MyFortis account.

You need to fill in a few personal details such as your full name, email address and telephone number.

If you do not complete your booking and return at a later date, to continue booking information just login to MyFortis at

> Select

The second step is to select your accommodation; Which city are you studying in? Which accommodation building would you like to book? And what room type you wish to book?

After selecting your accommodation, a breakdown of the initial payment and your rental due dates will be visible. A copy of your contract will be made available for your review, before you continue to payment.

If you complete this section but do not make any payment, your booking preferences will be saved on your MyFortis account. However, your room will not be reserved until the initial payment is made.

> Pay

The final step is to make your £250 initial payment through our safe and secure portal.

Once this is complete, your accommodation is reserved, and a room number will be automatically allocated. Your contract will be completed at this stage, which you will need to print, sign & return.

If you would like to request a specific room, please call us after completing the booking process so we can help!

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