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If you are looking for property specific information such as moving in booklets and insurance certificates, please visit your accommodation page.

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  • Booking With Fortis Student Living

    Booking With Fortis

    The best way to reserve your accommodation is through our online booking system.

    Our simple three-step booking process is quick and easy as well as safe and secure.


    The first step is simple; register for an online MyFortis account.

    You only need to fill in simple contact details such as full name, email address and telephone number.

    If you do not complete your booking and would like to return at a later date to complete, just login to your MyFortis account at


    The second step is for you to select your accommodation; which city are you studying in? Which accommodation building would you like to book? And what type of room would you like?

    After selecting your accommodation, a complete breakdown of the initial payment, amount due in the future and due dates will be visible. A complete copy of your contract will be presented before you continue to pay.

    If you complete this section but you do not make any payment, your booking preferences will be saved on your MyFortis account. However, your room will not be reserved until you pay your initial payment.


    The final step is to pay your £275 initial payment through our safe and secure payment portal.

    Once this is complete, your accommodation is reserved and a room number will be automatically allocated. You will also have access to your online contract which you will need to print and sign.

    If you would like a specific room, please give us a call after paying your initial payment and we can help!

  • Your MyFortis Account

    Online Payment

    Time to pay your next rental instalment? Simply login to your MyFortis account and select the instalment you would like to pay. If you select to pay via bank transfer, our online system will produce a unique payment reference number and your payment will show as ‘pending’ until received.

    Any questions about making an online payment? Give us a call on +44 (0)161 924 3868

    Payment Schedule

    Your payment schedule can be viewed online by logging into your MyFortis account. You can view payment date and amount to be paid.

    If you are late making a payment, the amount will show as overdue on your account and reminder emails will be sent to you and your guarantor.

    If you student loan dates differ to your payment schedule get in contact at the start of term. We can then look at making your future payments in-line with student finance.


    Upon moving in to your Fortis Student Living accommodation, you will have 14 days to fill in your inventory form viable on your MyFortis account.

    After 14 days the form will be locked and will not be editable. Your itinerary will then be used at your final room inspection so make sure you take the time when you first move in to fill out!

    Fault Reporting

    Got a fault in your room? No need to worry! Simply log the fault on your MyFortis account and our system will allocate your fault to a member of our in-house maintenance team.

    Our system minimises any distress that may occur and increase efficiency, which will help to speed up the time it takes to resolve the problem.

    Once you have logged the fault, our maintenance staff will keep you updated on the fault, so remember to check your MyFortis account regularly!

    Re-booking Your Room

    Anyone who wants to re-book for the following year can do so through their MyFortis account panel.

    If you are staying in the same accommodation, you will not have to pay another deposit as this will simply carry over. However, if you are moving properties you will have another deposit to reserve your room.

  • Guarantor Information

    Guarantor Information

    If you are not paying your rent in full you must provide details for a UK based guarantor.

    Upon making your room reservation, guarantor information is required. You will also need to provide proof of address and a signed contract by you and your UK based guarantor within 14 days of making your room reservation.

    If you cannot provide us with a UK based guarantor, you must use a rent guarantor service such as Housing Hand (more details on each accommodation page).

    Housing Hand are a trusted guarantor provider in the education sector, working alongside various student housing providers. The application is built into our online booking process, although your booking will not be completed until your contract with housing hand has been finalised.

  • Cancelling a Booking

    Signed Your Contract and Now Wish to Cancel?

    14 Days Cooling Off Period.

    After paying your initial payment you have 14 days to cancel your booking.

    If you cancel during this period, you will be refunded the full £275 initial payment and will not be responsible for finding a replacement tenant.

    If you wish to cancel your room within 14 days, please contact us on:

    T: 0161 924 3868

    After 14 Day Cooling Off Period.

    After the 14 days cooling off period, students are able to cancel their booking if legitimate proof is provided for the following:

    • You are going into your first year and do not get into your chosen university
    • Your VISA is declined
    • Health & Welbeing

    For more information on our full cancellation policy, please contact the Head Office team on +44(0)161 924 3868.

  • Studio Starter Packs

    Fortis Student Living have teamed up with UniKitOut, who provide students with ready-made kits including bedroom, bathroom and Kitchen essentials, which are delivered to your Fortis studio before you arrive.

    Book with Fortis and receive 10% discount with the code FORTIS10.

    to order or want more information, please click here


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