Although every effort is made by Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees to verify information given in their web site, brochures, and promotional material, it must be clearly understood that such information does not form part of any contract or offer. Any intending purchaser of a property or a business must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of any information either printed or verbally issued by Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees.


Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees make every effort to keep up to date the information stated in its web site, brochures and other promotional material, but it cannot guarantee that particular properties and businesses will still be available to let when prospective purchasers enquire or travel to view. Vendors may increase or decrease the price of properties/ businesses and no guarantee is given that the price shown in the Fortis Student Living web site or brochure will remain accurate.


Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees does not accept any liability to interested purchasers resulting from their inability to view properties and businesses in which they may be interested due to the fact that the properties or businesses may no longer be available for let, or due to revision of prices, or due to unforeseen circumstances.


All related services offered, such as finance, mortgages, Insurance, Currency exchange, legal and tax advice, removals and any other service from a third party are merely recommended in good faith only and all agreements and contracts with such parties or for such services are entirely the responsibility of the buyer/user and service provider and not the liability or responsibility of Fortis Student Living.


Currency exchange Rates:

Be aware that currency fluctuations can greatly affect the price you pay in sterling for a property when you come to pay for it. We advise you to keep this in mind and seek professional help when transferring money abroad.


Business liability:

Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees operate as an introducing agent to assist interested persons in finding and purchasing properties and businesses. Fortis Student Living is not liable for any loss which they may incur for any reason whatsoever resulting from their interest in purchasing, attempted purchase or actual purchase of a property overseas.

Measurements, tenure & usage:

Land, property and room sizes given in the Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees web site, brochure or any promotional material are subject to survey. It remains the responsibility of the tenants to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of such information. Building plots described in the Fortis Student Living web site, brochure and promotional literature remains the responsibility of purchasers of plots of land to acquire/check all necessary planning consents and licences. Title and tenure is also the liability of the buyer, lawyer and selling company and Fortis Student Living recommend that the services of a professional are employed when purchasing property overseas.

Viewing & Travel:

All contracts for transport by rail, sea, air or on land, for accommodation, board and lodging, for legal and estate agency services, or for any other associated services shall be deemed to be contracts between the person/s travelling and the service provider. Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees makes every endeavour to recommend only reliable and reputable providers of transport, accommodation, legal, estate agency and other services and shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from such recommendations.


How Fortis Student Living get paid for their service:

In the main, Fortis Student Living, their agents, associates or employees are paid a percentage of the builders, agents or developers profit/fees and this is generally part of the allocated budget for marketing and sales and therefore the tenant does not pay more for a property as a result of letting via Fortis Student Living. Therefore, in effect, a client receives a free service from Fortis Student Living, including the advice, support, search and ability to source property as well looking to bring only the best properties to clients. There are some circumstances where an admin fee is charged to the client by Fortis Student Living, but this will be clearly discussed and agreed with the client beforehand.

Associated companies actions:

Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees shall not be held liable or responsible for the actions of other persons or companies or firms with which it may be associated or have connections with. Finance & Investment advice: Any investment or financial advice given by Fortis Developments, its agents or associates are a guide only and expert tax, financial planning and mortgage advice will be required to confirm information when purchasing a property.

Devolved responsibility:

Fortis Student Living is acknowledged as a joint venture, and a brand, of Fortis Estate Management Limited and Fortis Lettings and Management Limited. Each company has its own diminished responsibility and in respect to the running of each property and/or building, and are recognised as separate legal entities.


Any disputes regarding property shall be resolved according to the laws of the country in which the property is situated and between the buyer and contracted seller.


When travelling abroad it is advisable to arrange suitable comprehensive insurance cover. Fortis Student Living its agents, associates or employees accept no liability whatsoever for losses, damages, compensation or personal injury resulting from a viewing trip.

Building time on new property:

Whilst every effort is made by Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees to give accurate information to purchasers of off plan properties as to the building time of such properties it must be clearly understood that tenant contracts are with the relevant construction company and not with Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees. Estimated building times are given by the relevant construction company and it should be clearly understood that delays or changes may occur. Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees accepts no responsibility for any such delays or changes.


Access and use of the Fortis Student Living and content:

All materials, logos, pictures and content on fortisstudentliving.com and other owned websites within our group are the sole ownership of Fortis Student Living and cannot be used by other parties in any way unless by consent.

Deposits and initial payment:

Deposits and initial payments are non refundable unless agreed on the reservation form or in circumstances deemed fair at Fortis Student Living discretion. It must be clearly understood that once a tenant pays a deposit and exchanges contracts with the company then such deposits and initial payments are non-refundable unless agreed or covered within the full contract. Fortis Student Living cannot be held liable for the return of any deposit or payments agreed with the agent or developer and this is to be the responsibility of the purchaser or customer to follow up direct with the developer or agent that issued their contract for the property.

Property Ownership:

The ownership of the freehold and leaseholds within each building or property may not be with Fortis Student Living. All contracts issued are recognised on behalf on the long lease owners and the free hold owners, which are managed by Fortis Lettings and Management Ltd and Fortis Estate Management Ltd (respectively), through Fortis Student Living.


All contracts, including tenancy agreements, are issued on behalf of the landlord or long leaseholder, but are entirely managed by Fortis Student Living. All tenancy agreements are contracted to the room number shown of the contract and/or the MyFortis Admin portal.

Data Policy:

When registering with Fortis Student Living for the purpose of finding an overseas property, personal details such as name, address, email and phone number will be required. This data maybe passed on/shared with our associated overseas companies and developers and this is essential in assisting a customer looking to rent a property. If a tenant does not wish to have their information passed to a third party they must request this and Fortis Student Living will comply.

Contact information:

Fortis Student Living, its agents, associates or employees do not accept liability from any tenant, regarding new change of address or contact details. If the company cannot contact the client through the present details they have on file and no evidence of informing the company of the new address is provided, then the tenant is at risk in losing the money invested in the property and the property itself.

Agents and third party introducers:

Where a client has been introduced to a property by an appointed sub-agent or introducer of Fortis Student Living, Fortis Student Living does not accept liability for statements or terms made by such third parties nor any mishandling of clients funds by such third parties.

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